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    LEVEL Active Player Net Reverse Net Reverse Sharing
    Level 1 Active Member 5++(person) Net Profit : 1 - 500,000(Rs) Net Profit Share : 15%
    Level 2 Active Member 10++(person) Net Profit : 500,001 - 1,00,000(Rs) Net Profit Share : 25%
    Level 3 Active Member 20++(person) Net Profit : 1,000,001 - 2,00,000(Rs) Net Profit Share : 35%
    Level 4 Active Member 30++(person) Net Profit : 2,000,001 ++(Rs) Net Profit Share : 40%

    Commission Calculation:

    Example 1: All Active Member total net lose 100,000

    Calculation: 100,000 x 15% = 15,000(Commission)

    Example 2: All Active Member Total nett lose 100,000 and Total BONUS claim 30,000

    Calculation: 100,000 - 30,000= 70,000 x 15% = 10,500(Commission)
    (Net lost didnt include company free bonus)

    Example 3: Member (A/B/C) total nett lose 500,000 and Member (D/E/F) total net win 300,000

    Calculation: 500,000 - 300,000= 200,000 x 15% = 30,000(Commission)
    (If member win affiliate agent no need to any money)

    Affiliate Rules

    1) How to Earn Money?
    All the active member by agent's affiliate code, company will draw the 15% net profit from active member to the agent. (Commission CASH will pay by bank transfer)

    2) When can i get my Commission?
    All of the commission will payout 1st each month. Commission will payout in one working day (Once every month)


    If our company finds out abnormal bet
    Our company have he right to confiscate commission and will not do any compensation. (All commissions and compensation rights will be led by our company U8FUN)

    Please read the terms and condition carefully
    Any question can communicate with customer service . Thank You.