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    • Every player must register using their real name (according to how it appears on their identification document)in order to verify their identiy during withdrawals.
    • For security purposes, any incorrect information given will result in suspension of the affected account until furthur notice is given.
    • If it is found that a player has opened multiple accounts, U8fun reserves the right to terminate all affected accounts.
    • Abnormal ip addresses, bounty hunters, and crooks are not allowed to place bets on U8fun, Any cheating case will suspend the player's account and confiscate the money in the account wallet.
    • In the roulette game, u8fun does not allow players to bet more than 25 numbers in order to avoid bonus receivers from hitting and rolling. Any player who violates the rules will immediately confiscate the money in the account wallet.
    • Other general terms and conditions apply.